Pecorino Romano P.D.O. Parisienne Gnocchi
Pecorino Romano P.D.O. Parisienne Gnocchi

For the Gnocchi:

Pate a choux dough

¼ cup Pecorino Romano P.D.O.

tbsp Spiceology Mediterranean seasoning

For the Pesto:

Basil 1 cup

Pecorino Romano P.D.O. ¼ cup

Almonds 2 tbsp.

Oil to blend


For the Gnocchi:

“I like to tie designated sanitary dental floss to each handle of the pot creating a zip line to cut the dough.”

  • Pate a choux dough with Pecorino Romano and Spiceology Mediterranean seosoning
  • Make Gnocchi dough and pipe into simmering liquid
  • Remove 1 minute after floating and freeze.

For the Pesto:

  • Throw a cup or so of frozen gnocchi into a pan of butter and oil and sauté until golden brown.
  • Add some pesto, cannellini beans, sun dried tomatoes and toss.

Plating Method:

Plate and garnish with fresh basil, some more pesto, and Pecorino Romano P.D.O.

Did you know?
The Pecorino Romano P.D.O. is naturally “lactose free” * (*The absence of lactose is a natural consequence of Pecorino Romano cheesemaking process. It contains galactose in quantities below 2,7 mg/kg), and can be safely consumed by people affected by = galactosemia (being galactose-free) or lactose intolerance (being lactose-free). This distinctive trait is rendered possible by the combined action of cheese maturation and enzymes naturally found in milk and through the use of processing aids such as “scotta innesto” (starter culture with a high microbial biodiversity) and lamb-rennet paste.

Recipe by: Mikel Anthony, Chef’s Roll: