Onion soup and Pecorino Romano PDO cheese
Onion soup and Pecorino Romano PDO cheese
INGREDIENTS (servings 4)

800 g golden onions

1 bay leaf and 4 sage leaves

70-80 g bacon

55 g flour

2 l vegetable broth

100 g grated Pecorino Romano PDO cheese

8 slices of home-made bread

Extra virgin olive oil

Salt, pepper


Preparation time: 40 minutes

Cooking time: as required

For 4 people

Slice the onions after having peeled them. Brown them in oil for some minutes with 40 g of bacon and flavourings, then cover them with the vegetable broth. Add a little salt and pepper.

After 25 minutes, blend the ingredients and add flour, and mix to dilute it. Put the casserole again on the flame and let the soup thicken.

Line the bread on a plate, season it with 80 g of Pecorino Romano PDO cheese and put it into a 190°C preheated oven.

Pour the soup in the dishes, add oil and the remaining Pecorino Romano POD, some dices of bacon previously toasted in the other pan, add the toasted bread and serve.