The Project
The Project

The Consortium for the Protection of Pecorino Romano, the Consortium for the Protection of Pecorino Sardo and the Consortium Fiore Sardo have joined to promote PDO production in Europe and the United States thanks to the system of assistance allocated by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia (Regional Law no. 5/2015 art. 15).

The project for the promotion of Pecorino Romano PDO cheese, Pecorino Sardo PDO and Fiore Sardo PDO has as objective to:

  • develop awareness of these products in Italy, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States;
  • strengthen the position of the 3 PDOs in markets where they are already present and introduce them into those that offer more potential for development.


The project is based on the construction of a unique and separate identity for the 3 products and on the diffusion a simple message: “No ordinary sheep. No ordinary cheeses” which will also be the vector for technical information for spreading awareness regarding Sardinian sheep’s milk and cheese products with a designation recognized by the European Union. At the same time the campaign will have different focused strategies, depending on the target country.

The project includes a plan of action over a period of 3 years – from July 2017 to the end of June 2020.